05/12/2011 10:30 GMT

Three Quarters Of The British Public Believe There Is A Housing Crisis

A survey for Channel 4 has found that nearly three-quarters of the British public believe there to be a housing crisis in the country.

Undertaken by market research company Ipsos MORI, ahead of a Channel 4 documentary on the British property, 76% of respondents agreed that the country was facing a housing crisis.

Standing out among the other statistics was the sheer pessimism evident in respondents. With homeownership becoming a more difficult goal to achieve, 59% of those surveyed believed that they would never be able to afford a house. That more than doubled the 23% who believed they would.

Among other key concerns was the affordability of mortgages. 46% of those surveyed believe having a mortgage is “more risky than it used to be”, with only half of that number disagreeing.

Other results from the survey show that a number of households feel stretched to their limits. One fifth of adults felt that a monthly increase of £49 or less per month to their mortgage would be difficult to afford.

When asked what the Government should prioritise to alleviate the pressure on the property market, 44% believed that building more, affordable homes was the answer, while one third suggested helping first-time buyers and reducing the number of empty homes.

The full statistics from the study can be found here