05/12/2011 20:32 GMT | Updated 16/08/2012 13:06 BST

Dermot O'Leary: How Showbiz Are You?

He can call Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole 'work colleagues' but is famously down-to-earth, so is he one of us, or one of them? Let's find out as we ask... Dermot O'Leary, how showbiz are you?

1. Who's the most famous name in your mobile?

Simon Cowell. I did have Joshua Jackson's too. He's a lovely man but I obviously didn't make too much of an impression because he didn't stay in touch!

5/5. He's got The Cowell! (Joshua who?)

2. Most bizarre thing you've ever read about yourself?

There was something on Popbitch years ago saying that I slept with a note under my pillow saying how good I was which wasn't true until I read it and thought actually, that's a really good idea!

5/5. How very post-modern. Who knew?

3. How much is too much for a haircut?

Well I have a good deal with my hairdresser who only charges me £30 to £40 for my hair but from a woman's point of view you can pay that just walking through the door. It's quite important for girls, right?

5/5. Forty quid? For a crew cut? Showbiz!

4. Katie Price. Friend or foe?

She was on my flight to the US recently and we didn't exactly bond over dinner but the strangest thing was the car that was waiting for me after the flight was next to the car waiting for her so I think some people thought we were there together, which I can happily refute.

5/5. Yes, very 'strange' Dermot.

5. Weirdest thing you've been sent by a fan?

Luckily everyone seems to like what I do on TV and are thankfully the right side of sane so I've been blessed with that. I do get sent teddy bears which is very sweet but luckily I haven't fallen foul of the 'here's a pair of my underpants' brigade. Yet.

1/5. We have a feeling that's all about to change.

6. Best party ever?

I went to Elton John's Oscar party last year, which was unbelievable. Grace Jones performed. It was just extraordinary. You'd think it might be intimidating because it's not like hanging out with your mates but you end up meeting nice, like-minded people. I met Bear Grylls and he was the loveliest guy in the world. We keep in touch now.

5/5. Like minded people? Like Grace Jones?

7. Ever used your fame to get what you want?

No, but my friends have. I went to see Arsenal play Barcelona last year and I was in the queue for the flight with my friends and member of staff asked me if I wanted him to get me to the front of the queue and my mate Dan – who's actually married to Holly Willoughby, so he should know better – said 'yes'. So we got escorted onto the plane and I just kept my head down feeling absolute shame with all the Arsenal fans looking at me like I'm a dead man!

5/5. Yeah, yeah, blame it on Willoughby's other half.

8. How much cash would it take to get you to pose in the buff?

Well once you do it the Genie's out of the bottle. I don't see the point because I think in the long run you're always going to lose unless you're doing it for charity but even then I'd rather just donate some cash.

1/5. Sorry, what was that? *Goes back to thinking of Dermot's 'Genie'*

9. Best freebie you ever received?

I've been lent a few cars. I've also had a couple of the most amazing suits made for me.

5/5. Show off.

10. Ever been chatted up by another celeb?

I couldn't possibly say! Most celebs have a got screw lose so you wouldn't want to go out with them anyway.

5/5. We're telling Chezza you said that!

Result: 42/50

Whoah! We didn't see that one coming! He might come across like one of your mates but there's a LOT more to Dermot than meets the eye. He parties with Elton, shares flights with Pricey (after being escorted to the front of the queue no doubt) and thinks nothing of splurging 40 quid on getting his head shaved. Has he not heard of Mr. Toppers? See where working with Mr. Cowell can get you? Nice work Dermot!