05/12/2011 07:13 GMT

Louise Mensch Gets Apology From Sunday Times Over 'See-Through Sex Sheath' Claim

The Sunday Times has apologised to Tory MP Louise Mensch after it published an article that wrongly claimed she wore a see-through dress and said drug taking was a natural part of growing up.

Mensch, a member of the Commons committee that has been investigating the phone hacking scandal, said she was "completely satisfied" with the apology printed in the paper and posted online.

The apology now appears before the article on the Sunday Times website.

"This interview with Louise Mensch contained inaccuracies," it reads. "The interview stated that Mrs Mensch had 'posed in a see-through Stella McCartney sex sheath'. In fact, Mrs Mensch had told the journalist she had refused to wear the dress without a body stocking.

"The interview also stated that Mrs Mensch had blamed a journalist for the fact that she had volunteered that she had undergone plastic surgery. Mrs Mensch never said she blamed the journalist. The news article stated that Mrs Mensch 'also blamed the venues she attended' for her drug use.

"Mrs Mensch had made it clear to the journalist that she accepted full responsibility for her actions. The news article also quoted Mrs Mensch saying 'in some ways drug-taking is a natural part of growing up'.

"What Mrs Mensch actually said was for those who have used them, giving up drugs is a natural part of growing up. She stated that drugs were not a necessary part of youth. We apologise for these errors and wish to correct the record."

Commenting on the apology on Twitter, Mensch said she was pleased that the newspaper had given such prominence to the apology.

The correction comes as the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics has devoted time to discussing the placing and prominence given to apologies printed in papers.