05/12/2011 13:47 GMT

Peep Show Will Return For Series 8 By Autumn, Robert Webb Announces

Peep Show star Robert Webb has announced an eighth series of the Bafta-winning sitcom will go ahead next year.

The comedy writer confirmed that he and David Mitchell, who star as Jeremy and Mark - two socially dysfunctional men who remain flatmates despite having nothing in common - will make a much anticipated return to our screens by autumn 2012.

Webb said the series would be filmed in summer 2012, and on TV screens within months after that.

But the comedy actor caused confusion when he mistakenly called the next series, written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, the 7th, which ended in 2010.

He wrote on his Twitter page:

Two more series of Channel 4's longest-running sitcom were commissioned in 2010, series 8 and 9, but fans were told they would have a long wait until the new episodes appeared on screen.

Peep Show has been running on Channel 4 since 2003 and despite the fact it appears unable to attract large audiences the comedy does have a strong cult following and shows little sign of outstaying its welcome.

The delay in the production of the 8th series is due to the show's stars being busy with other productions. Webb has recently starred in Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat and BBC drama The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff, which is due to air this Christmas and is described as a comedy adventure and Dickensian romp.