05/12/2011 07:07 GMT | Updated 06/12/2011 06:05 GMT

Russian Putin Supporter Thrown Into St Petersburg River (VIDEO)

A YouTube video has been posted online that appears to show a supporter of Vladimir Putin's party, United Russia, being picked up and thrown into a river in St. Petersburg.

Uploaded on 30 November with a Russian title that roughly translates to "Pre-election jumps in St. Petersburg", it shows three men picking up a United Russia supporter and chucking her off a bridge.

Dressed in the party's bright blue colours and even holding a United Russia flag in her hand, the unlucky Putin fan seems to be unhurt by the unexpected event, swimming to shore as soon as she hits the water.

This clip has started going viral on the same day United Russia has received a bloody nose from the country's voters, with UR's large majority in the lower house - or Duma - being reduced to just under 50% of the vote.