08/12/2011 13:04 GMT

Una Healy: How Showbiz Are You?

It's day three of our How Showbiz? special with The Saturdays, so it's time to see how mamma-to-be Una Healy scored on the scale of celebrity.

1. Who is the most famous person in your mobile?

I've got royalty - Zara Phillips. It's cool to think I have the Queen's granddaughter's number! She's my friend now, I didn't really know her before the wedding, but we've kept in touch since and we chat now and again. I met her through my boyfriend because her husband plays rugby with Ben (Foden, her boyfriend).

10/5. Royalty. In her phone.

2. What it the most bizarre thing you've ever read about yourself?

The most recent think that was bizarre and completely untrue is that we were going to take a break. We had to quickly clear it up and put on Twitter that we weren't. The poor fans were reading it and believing it and it started to escalate more and more. And then I got pregnant and they were all like 'it's definitely true'.

1/5. Not exactly shocking.

3. How much is too much for a haircut?

We have it done for us. I reckon Nicky (our hairdresser) would probably be the most expensive going. We all have a snip here and there. He's a celebrity hairdresser in his own right now. He does us and The Wanted.

3/5. We bet he does.

4. Katie Price - friend or foe?

I like her because she sent me her sunglasses. I wore them once and she tweeted me and asked if I wanted any more. I actually had a dream about her last night, which was weird. I don't know why? I don't remember what happened but I was chatting to her like I knew her, so she's my friend. I'd like to get to know her. I love Pete and they've got gorgeous children out of that relationship.

3/5. Pricey's friendship can be yours if you're willing to wear some of her tat.

5. What's the weirdest thing you've ever been sent by a fan?

I get loads of tea and teabags. Twinnings sent me a gift pack of all the different types of tea they have because they all know I love my tea.

1/5. Rock and roll!

6. What is the best party you've ever been to?

My 30th birthday the other week. It wasn't showbiz at all. It was all my old friends and family. There wasn't one celebrity in sight and I loved that it was so un-showbiz because you still need to stick to your roots.

0/5. Don't be fooled by the rocks that she got...

7. Have you ever used your fame to get what you want?

If you ever need to, you're very un-showbiz. If someone doesn't know who you are and you have to say 'don't you know who I am?', then you're obviously not very famous.

5/5. 'Xactly.

8. How much cash would it take for you to pose in the buff?

If it was millions, maybe. Never say never and if it was done tastefully. I'd do it for a charity campaign. I saw on this website once where I saw all of us naked. It was photoshopped but it was so funny! We all had massive boobs. I showed it to my mother actually and she was like 'what you been getting up to at work?'.

5/5. Get your cheque books ready, Nuts and Zoo.

9. Best freebie you've ever received?

A holiday. We went to the Bahamas. It was gorgeous. I'd love a car though.

5/5. Subtle AND shameless.

10. Have you ever been chatted up by another celeb?

Back in the day, I went on a date with an ex celebrity who was on Celebrity Big Brother, which is when you're even more on the way out. He discussed the date I had with him, which was stupid because I was watching. He made it all up because the date didn't go well and I just didn't like him and so he said I ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. Well I didn't, and I called up the restaurant afterwards because he said the steak was £56 and I asked what their most expensive steak was and it was £25. It was Ben Adams from A1 in case you were wondering.

5/5. Finally! The first celeb in HSAY? history to name names!*Googles Ben Adams*

Result: 38/50

Hob-nobbing with royalty, celebrity dates, free Caribbean holidays, a famous boyfriend... could Una possibly be any more showbiz? No wonder she's gone and bagged herself the highest How Showbiz Are You? score EVER. Bravo Una!