09/12/2011 13:35 GMT | Updated 09/12/2011 13:35 GMT

David Cameron And Ed Miliband Unveil Christmas Cards

When's the perfect moment for politicians to unleash their 2011 Christmas cards? On an afternoon where Britain is becoming increasingly isolated within Europe, and Nicolas Sarkozy has been caught on camera snubbing our prime minister, apparently.

Labour leader Ed Miliband and David Cameron both unwrapped their offerings on Friday, with the prime minister going for a markedly less traditional card than the opposition leader.

Both pictures were taken by the Press Association's Chief Political Photographer Stefan Rousseau - with the PM plumping for a snap of him and wife Sam taken during the royal wedding. Miliband goes for a more 1950s greyscale look, and is pictured with wife Justine and his two sons.

There's already been some twitter reaction to Cameron's card - everything from "happy UKIPmess" to "no, that's not his child".

Take a look at what Ed Miliband and David Cameron have to offer for this year's festive season below - and do let us know your thoughts.

Nick Clegg's offering, meanwhile, has been designed by his children - we'll bring you the pics as soon as we have them.