09/12/2011 11:10 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gwen Stefani Waxwork Raids Her No Doubt Wardrobe

It appears that Gwen Stefani's Madame Tussaud's waxwork is taking a trip down memory lane by raiding her No Doubt touring wardrobe for a cropped vest and white trouser combo.

Gwen Stefani waxwork raids her No Doubt wardrobe Waxwork Gwen vs 2009 stage Gwen. Photos: PA/Empics

Gwen's cropped top phase was very much active throughout her early No Doubt career and we spent many an hour contemplating her rock hard abs and considering doing a few stomach crunches of our own.

After No Doubt there was a bikini top and gambling visor phase which marked her collaboration with Eve and then her interest in providing a good view of her stomach area appeared to subside as we waited out the Alice in Wonderland years.

The crop tops returned in 2009 along with the abs and No Doubt for their Summer Tour - which is where this exact outfit was taken from.

A brief history of Gwen Stefani's cropped vests aside, we're actually impressed with this likeness. Recently Madame Tussaud's have unveiled a couple of absolute shockers - Gary Barlow was a particular low - so we're going to say a big well done to this particular team of sculptors.

Although, is it that the waxwork look like Gwen Stefani or is it that Gwen Stefani looks like a waxwork?

P.S. Here's Gary:

Gwen Stefani waxwork raids her No Doubt wardrobe Photos: Empics/PA