10/12/2011 05:00 GMT | Updated 10/12/2011 06:52 GMT

David Cameron's Euro Veto: Newspapers React To The PM's Decision (FRONT PAGES)

Politicians of all allegiances will be looking at this morning's leader comments for reaction to David Cameron's decision to veto an EU treaty- and Conservative's won't be surprised that the Guardian believes Cameron put his party before country (the Indy think he did the wrong thing too).

The Times and The Sun are much more positive about the PM's decision, with the former arguing he had no other option and the tabloid saying he deserves credit for his stance.

The Daily Telegraph's leader is also positive, saying: "David Cameron's bold decision in Brussels has won us a golden opportunity to redefine our give-give relationship with Europe."

Meanwhile in the comment pages, Ed Miliband opines that David Cameron has let Britain down in Saturday's Guardian.

But Daily Mail readers get a different story, with Simon Heffer (no fan of the prime minister) arguing that Cameron has never been in such a strong position in the country.

In the FT, Tory backbencher George Eustice argues that it's a return of power, rather than a referendum, that the British people are after adding: "Well, at least no one can say David Cameron is soft on Europe."

And Trevor Kavanagh writes in The Sun "British Bulldog" Cameron was "right to bite the Euro-bullies".

See below for a slideshow of front pages: