12/12/2011 06:54 GMT | Updated 12/12/2011 06:56 GMT

Angry Birds Second Birthday Game And Cakes Galore (PHOTOS)

Angry Birds, the pig-beating bird-launching commuter game of champions has just turned two.

To treat its fans, the game's maker Rovio has launched a special birthday update for 99p on iPhone with all episodes unlocked.

The new update delivers 15 kilojoule-free birthday cake-theme levels, 300 other new levels and special birthday achievements.

Since its launch in December 2009, Angry Birds has racked up over 500 million downloads around the globe, making it the most popular mobile game in history.

Rovio says the aim of the game is to save the birthday party from the gate-crashing pigs. A new inflatable orange bird will help you do just that.

Angry Birds has notched up 500 million downloads in just two years, making it the most popular mobile game in history, according to T3.

See Angry Birds Second birthday cake and screengrabs from the game below: