13/12/2011 06:46 GMT | Updated 12/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Fans Clamour For Michael Jackson's Belongings From Los Angeles Home Where He Died

Michael Jackson's effects from his last home in Los Angeles are finally being auctioned off, two and a half years after his death in the mansion.

Here's a list of some of the souvenirs of his whacky world you can now pick up for a song:

Blackboard with sweet message from Jackson's daughter: 'I heart daddy, Smile it's for free, love, Paris.' Estimated price: $400 - $600

Note to self by Jackson: 'Train, perfection, March, April, Full Out, MAY' on the mirror of a wooden armoire. Estimated price: $6,000-8,000

Candle with son Prince's name carved on it. Estimated price: $100 - $200

Gold parrot lamps

Shower bench inscribed by Jackson with stick figures, possibly planning a dance routine

Picture of kittens playing with an inkwell

NOT for Sale:

Clump of Jackson's hair found in hotel shower drain… Already SOLD to a gambling website. $11,000

The actual bed where Jackson died ' kept from sale, in accordance with his family's wishes.

You can view the entire catalogue here, although there is no mention of Michael Jackson's connection with the property, as it was rented when he lived there, and all proceeds from the sale will go to the house's owners.

Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that Jackson's ever-loyal fan base have not let him down, keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, erecting a Christmas tree outside the auction house.

And continuing the ghost of Christmas past, the auctioneers themselves have transformed their offices into a recreation of Jackson’s home - "so as to capture the experience of the house" (hopefully the happier times, not the final few hours resulting in the singer's death, and the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Doctor Conrad Murray).

See images from the transformed auction house below in our Slideshow...