13/12/2011 03:27 GMT | Updated 11/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Google's New Offices In London

How much work would you get done if you worked in an environment like this?

Google's new offices in London are the kind of hip and colourful workplace that could turn any jobsworth into a passionate winner.

The search monster's London headquarters having stunning views across the city's rooftops, but workers on level four - snappily called L4, according to the Daily Mail - has turned all eyes inwards.

The offices feature attention-grabbing furniture, colourful highlights, lounge chairs and banquets instead of desks, soft toys, gaming tables and a cafe.

If the sound and light show is too much of a distraction, Google employees can work quietly at regular desks, pictured with novelty Star Wars toys or book out one of the smaller meeting rooms.

The new layout will have workers stuck in isolated cubicles drooling with envy, while the new professional coffee machine leaves your paltry plastic cup dispatcher looking perfectly retrograde.

What's that I hear? A thousand developers brushing up their CVs with mentions of their fondness for interior design?