13/12/2011 04:40 GMT | Updated 13/12/2011 09:06 GMT

YouTube Clip Shows Grizzly Bear Waving Back To Little Girl (Video)

When bears crop up in the news, it's normally to do with nature documentaries or horrific attacks in the wild.

Today, not so much, thanks to this 7-second video that's currently doing the rounds on the email forwarding circuit, showing a grizzly bear casually waving back at a little girl in a car.

It's been reported that the footage was taken in an animal park in Washington called the "Olympic Game Farm" - a sanctuary known for taking in one-time animal performers and giving them a good home.

Perhaps that's the reason why this kodiak bear is so friendly, almost looking like he recognises the little girl before affectionately lifting a paw in her direction.

By us, it's the casual, sitting-down pose the bear is pulling off that makes it - he's just some bear, you know? Some bear who likes waving at little girls. The way all bears should, frankly.