13/12/2011 06:04 GMT | Updated 12/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Wordpress 3.3 Sonny: Top 5 Things You Must Know

Leading blogging platform WordPress has just released its latest version, with a range of seriously needed improvements to make bloggers' lives easier.

The new Wordpress 3.3 Sonny has a new navigation, user experience, upload function and import style.

Who uses Wordpress? Almost any blogger who's anyone - Wordpress has had 65 million downloads since version 3.0 was released.

For existing users, the upgrade is easy. When you log in to Wordpress, you'll be prompted to upgrade. Hit the button, and sit back, the system will add 3.3 without destroying any of your existing data or demanding much of your time.

Top five things you need to know about the latest Wordpress 3.3:

New media uploader - the uploader now allows you to drag and drop, so it's easy to get video and photos onto your blog.

Pop-up menus - forget endlessly scrolling through menus trying to find what you need, hidden options now pop-up with a mouse scrollover.

iPad optimised - so you can blog from the comfort of your tablet.

Improved co-editing - when that pop-up "Mike is currently editing this post" crops up, it now actually means he is editing that post, not that he was looking at it an hour ago.

Tumblr import - You could always import your other social media, but now Tumblr has been added, making filling your site with endless images much easier.