14/12/2011 11:18 GMT | Updated 14/12/2011 13:05 GMT

PMQs 14 December 2011

PMQs exchanges between David Cameron and Ed Miliband were dominated by sharply rising unemployment and the ongoing row about Europe, but it ended up being a fairly disastrous lunchtime for Ed Miliband, who was bested by the PM on gags and substance.

It didn't help him that everyone knew exactly what Labour's plan of attack was going to be, after their media strategy was leaked to The Times earlier this week.

Ed Miliband attempted to criticise the PM's failure to curb unemployment, but didn't really offer a substantive alternative. But the real problems came when the Labour leader switched tack and started on the coalition gripes over Cameron's veto of the European treaty to stabilise the Eurozone.

It's true that Nick Clegg - in the chamber for PMQs after failing to turn up for the statement on the veto , looked miserable, but David Cameron came back with better gags against Miliband, saying, "it could be worse, at least we're not brothers." to huge Tory cheers and jeers.

Despite another terrible set of jobs figures out this morning, David Cameron's had a boost for the Tories in the opinion polls and waning popularity for Ed Miliband. Despite things remaining bad in the economy, the Labour leader appears to be failing to win the trust of voters with his alternatives to the Tory plan.

Cameron's finale against Miliband - suggesting that every backbench Labour MP wanted a new leader for Christmas, was stinging and clearly annoyed the Labour leader. Ed Miliband doesn't seem to be able to muster the kind of roaring support among his MPs

that Cameron can, and this is telling for anyone sitting in the House of Commons for the weekly PMQs session.

Here's a recap of some of the highlights from today's PMQs: