14/12/2011 12:23 GMT

Trending This Week: Viral Video Chart

His slender hips sway hypnotically from side to side, furry feet a-tapping to the Latino beat: meet Stuart the salsa dancing dog.

Hispanic cats made money at the box office this week with Puss In Boots topping the UK film chart, so this footloose chihuahua could be big business.

With the revelation that some of Frozen Planet's best moments were actually filmed in a German zoo, it's easy to forget how spine-tinglingly fantastic the documentary footage actually was -- but the final montage of nature panoramas overlaid with "It's A Wonderful World" was an exquisite piece of film-making.

Sir David Attenborough does an excellent job of narrating the clip, although the threat of the national treasure bizarrely bursting into song does make viewing slightly uncomfortable.

And in a galaxy far far away, unrest grows as science fiction giants Carrie Fisher (Leia) and William Shatner (Kirk) went head to head in a war of intergalactic words.

Cosmic insults like "Star Wars is essentially derivative of Star Trek" and "Klingon just sounds like a laundry detergent" escalated friendly fire into epic battle, with Shatner accusing Leia of needing "uplift" in a bikini. George Takei waded into the battle to broker "Star peace."

This list was taken from Video Viral Chart, compiled for Huffington Post UK. The listings are based on embedded videos and links on around 2m blogs, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Nerdy white kid KILLS "Look at Me Now" (Mac Lethal) It's "cook" at me now. Eats that crazy Chris Brown for breakfast
  2. MEN IN BLACK 3 - Official Trailer - In Theaters 5/25/12 Start getting excited.
  3. My story Sad but inspiring
  4. Shit Girls Say - Episode 1 A 21st century version of Basil Fawlty's disbelief at Sybil's banality down the telephone line.
  5. David Attenborough - Wonderful World - BBC
  6. Stuart the Salsa Dancing Dog
  7. Polite Bear Waves Hello - a waving bear Lovely stuff.
  8. George Takei is the Broker of Star Peace Star Wars Vs Star Trek
  9. araabMUZIK feat. DukeDaGod (DIPSET / USA) @ 1500M2 | Warsaw [HD] Whether you like how it sounds or not, this man's fingers can move...
  10. My Grandpa Al reacts to Dubstep "Not to be nasty but is that considered music?.. It's got a beat though."