15/12/2011 06:53 GMT | Updated 14/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Antony Gormley Reveals 'Empty Chair' Sculpture

Anthony Gormley's latest artwork, an empty chair, has been unveiled at The British Library in London, reports the BBC.

The artist best-known for The Angel Of The North - the 177ft sculpture in Gateshead that welcomes visitors to the North East of England - was commissioned by a charity English Pen to mark its 90th anniversary.

Named Witness, the empty chair is symbolic of writers who have been imprisoned, detained, threatened or killed.

"It will stand as tribute to, and reminder of, those writers who, because of censorship and tyranny, are not free to go to any library either in their countries or in ours, and at the same time recognises the work of Pen branches throughout the world in service of free expression," said English Pen's president Gillian Slovo.

Honourable links to charity aside, Witness doesn't strike us as Gormley's finest hour - but then with one of the country's most iconic structures and these array of brilliant ideas under your belt, that's perhaps not too surprising:

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