15/12/2011 04:55 GMT | Updated 15/12/2011 07:41 GMT

Bearded Dragon Plays 'Ant Crusher' Game, Becomes Viral Video Star

Admit it: when you woke up this morning, one of the many, many, many things you didn't expect to see on your computer screen was a bearded dragon playing a phone game called "Ant Crusher", now was it?

But there you have it, that's just what happened. All thanks to the weird and wonderful world that is the internet.

Well, the internet and YouTube user "ThatSpecialGuy", whose love of Bearded Dragons and playing games that involve crushing ants have combined beautifully to produce this utterly endearing viral video.

Thinking about it, game designer Judith Weberman couldn't have hoped for a better market campaign, even if she'd paid for it, with the video already nudging towards the 500,000 views mark just a week since it was first uploaded.

A relatively unknown game - compared to the likes of Angry Birds, at any rate - "Ant Crusher" is produced by iTech Developers, and if your interest has been piqued by this unwitting advert for the game, you can buy it on iTunes here.