15/12/2011 12:20 GMT | Updated 15/12/2011 12:21 GMT

Christmas Presents For Ministers: Flip-Flops, A Shredder And 'Decision Dice'

What do you buy the prime minister who has everything for Christmas? According to Angela Eagle, some Eton dice, "the ideal gift for the indecisive or those who just can't make up their minds.”

During business questions the shadow leader of the Commons came up with some novel suggestions for gifts: "Flip flops for the deputy prime minister; a shredder to be shared between the business secretary and the minister of state at the Cabinet Office; and an espresso machine for the justice secretary so that he does not doze off in the Chamber again".

It got us thinking: We know what to buy the prime minister, Oliver Letwin, Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke but what about everyone else?

Take a look at the slideshow below and let us know if you can think of any perfect political gifts.