15/12/2011 11:22 GMT | Updated 15/12/2011 11:27 GMT

Seal Pup's Sofa Adventure Caught On Film (Video)

Days after a curious seal hopped into the home of New Zealand woman Annette Swoffer, a video has emerged showing the pup’s antics as he pads around her living room, before resting his weary flippers on her sofa.

The seal had lolloped all the way up from the waterfront, through a residential area, up a slip road, up a driveway, under a gate and in through the cat flap of Swoffer's house. He finally managed to get a well-deserved rest at the end of a long day… on a comfy couch.

The seal has been nicknamed 'Lucky' for getting through his adventure unscathed.

Swoffer called the local Department of Conservation to come and collect her new house guests, however it turned out they were already looking for him as an officer had spent the day trailing around the town trying to capture the slippery creature.