15/12/2011 03:35 GMT | Updated 13/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Exam Cheating: Examiners To Be Grilled By MPs

Suspended exam chiefs are to be grilled by MPs over allegations they gave unfair advice to teachers on how to boost GCSE and A-level results and made exams easier to attract more business.

A House of Commons education committee will question three examiners after the Daily Telegraph claimed to expose a culture of corruption through their secret footage last week.

Steph Warren, head of Edexcel GCSE geography was caught boasting how "easy" her exams were for students. The Edexcel official , who is responsible for setting exams for tens of thousands of students, was captured on film saying: "There's so little content we don't know how we got it through."

The undercover investigation also revealed teachers paying up to £230 a day to attend seminars with chief examiners to receive "advice". Paul Evans, a chief examiner for WJEC GCSE history told his audience exam papers go "through a cycle".

Both Paul Evans and Steph Warren, as well as Paul Barnes, will face MPs on Thursday.

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