15/12/2011 11:26 GMT | Updated 20/12/2011 04:46 GMT

Top Ten YouTube Videos 2011: Are These Your Top Viral Clips?

iPhone 5 Concept Features is the top YouTube video of 2011 with over 38 million hits on the clip sharing site alone, and over six million shares all the time.

Apple fans debating the as-yet unreleased offering were actually watching a carefully crafted fake. It was smartphone iPhone 4S that was released in October.

With all the hype surrounding the new release, iPhone 5 was the second fastest rising search term in Google in 2011. Can you imagine a phone that could do this?

Ultimate Dog Tease is at number two. It's just cruel: maple syrup rashers of bacon, chicken and cheese, juicy beefsteaks....and then to feed them to the cat?!

Look no further to see some serious dog diction. Homeward Bound has nothing on the cuteness of this marvellous mutt's moaning.

YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy follows close behind, with parent's challenged to film the reaction of their offspring after admitting to eating their Halloween treats.

Turns out kids really are little horrors, and there's nothing like being deprived of a whole load of sugar and additives to ramp up the scream factor. Cruel really but a lot of fun.

Baby nonsense comes fourth, with two twins having a "conversation" in their nappies. Maybe this is what adults sound like to babies: there's definitely a few adult conversations which still sound like this to grown-ups.

And grown-ups acting like babies saw cat-loving singleton Debbie tear up the chart to reach number five . The e-Harmony video bio might be a fake, but the crazy cat lady striking fear into the hearts of bachelors everywhere suspended disbelief.

A miniature domestic Darth Vader came in at number six for The Force: Volkswagen Commercial. The Star Wars villain found himself frustrated in a galaxy much, much, closer, but there's a happy ending for the black-robed baddie.

Take at look at the rest of the top ten below: are they what you expected?

This list was taken from Unruly's Video Viral Chart, compiled for Huffington Post UK. The listings are based on embedded videos and links on around 2m blogs, as well as Facebook and Twitter.