15/12/2011 07:20 GMT | Updated 15/12/2011 07:51 GMT

You're... Positive? New Zealand Church Unveils Advert Showing Virgin Mary With Pregnancy Test

2009: A post-coital Joseph lying in bed with Mary, with the tagline "Poor Joseph. God was a touch act to follow." 2011: Virgin Mary staring at a positive pregnancy test.

Whether you're horrifically offended, mildly amused or somehow just non-plussed, one thing's for sure: Reverend Glynn Cardy isn't afraid of a controversial advertising campaign.

Vicar for Auckland's Anglican St Matthew-in-the-City church, the New Zealand priest maintains that his attention-grabbing poster is not designed to offend - it's designed to provoke discussion and bring the Nativity story into the modern world.

First rapping reverends, now this? Really?

Speaking to, Rev. Cardy said: "As in the past it is our intention to avoid the sentimental, trite and expected to spark thought and conversation in the community."

"Although the make-believe of Christmas is enjoyable - with tinsel, Santa, reindeer, and carols - there are also some realities," he adds.

Put up outside his church on Tuesday, December 13, the billboard will remain up until Christmas Day - but will remain on the internet forever.

If you'd like to let St Matthew-in-the-City church know what you think of the billboard, check out their Facebook page, where you can become a fan and enter their caption competition. No really, you can.

Check out's interview with the man himself - that's Rev. Cardy, not Himself, by the way - above, and find out more on their website.