16/12/2011 07:43 GMT

Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher 'Disrespectful', Complains Tory MP

Meryl Streep's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the soon to be released film The Iron Lady was in bad taste and "disrespectful" to the former prime minister, a Tory MP has complained.

An upset Rob Wilson, MP for Reading East, got to his feet in the Commons on Thursday to demand MPs be granted time to debate "good taste" in film.

"This week I attended the screening of The Iron Lady and was disturbed by the way in which the film portrayed its subject," he said.

"Can we therefore have a debate on respect, good manners and good taste, as I found the film—although brilliantly acted—to be disrespectful to a Member of this Parliament?"

Sir George Young, the leader of the House of Commons, replied that while he had not seen the film himself, ministers "should be cautious about expressing views that might be seen to be a form of censorship of films produced by independent producers".

If anything HuffPoUK found the film largely sympathetic towards the former prime minister. Although the screenplay did take some liberties with history, the most egregious of which being that Thatcher never, ever, wore a hat in the Commons.