16/12/2011 13:49 GMT | Updated 16/12/2011 13:58 GMT

Tube Dancer Is Thrown Off London Underground (Video)

Amateur footage of a man dancing wildly on the London Underground before being thrown off by an irate passenger has emerged.

The clip was filmed on a Central Line carriage last week and sees the man throwing shapes for nearly eight minutes before he is thrust out the doors at Leytonstone station.

His ejector is a smartly-dressed passenger who is seen in the clip quietly observing him as he munches on a sandwich.

Once he's finished eating, he turfs out the hapless dancer, while onlookers are heard shouting “No, no”. In a final indignity, the man thrusts his middle finger at the performer, who is doubtless sprawled on the platform.

His unceremonious exit has become a talking point online with one angry viewer describing the incident as “assault”, while another praising the ejector as having “brilliant timing”.

The video comes just after another viral clip that featured an angry passenger frogmarching an alleged fare dodger off the train.