16/12/2011 08:33 GMT | Updated 19/12/2011 02:34 GMT

Will Young Fans Furious Over Homophobic Tweet

Will Young's fans have unleashed their fury on Twitter after the pop star was forced to report a follower who sent a homophobic message.

The openly gay singer was left stunned when one user called him a "bender" in a tweet, forcing Will to tackle the follower over the slur.

He wrote: "Is that homophobia? Do clarify... Cos if so I can get the police on to you... Have a think about it mate....

"Think I'll report it anyway and see what they say?"

The post soon backfired for the tweeter, who was bombarded with angry outbursts from Will's loyal devotees.

One fan hit back, writing: "Your a sad case having to use language like that in this day and age ... And could get yourself into a lot of trouble using it."

While another added: "Jealousy is such a vile trait shame on you!!"

Twitter moderators eventually removed the message after the pop star reported it.