18/12/2011 12:01 GMT

WATCH: Santa's Reindeer Take Part In Kempton Park Race

With their big night of the year just a few days away, you'd think Santa's reindeer would be taking it easy at the moment.

But no, judging by this video the antlered sleigh pullers are more interested in finding out exactly which of them is the fastest.

Unfazed by the chilly conditions, a group of eight reindeer (you can guess the names) have battled it out in the first Reindeer Derby at Kempton Park Racecourse.

Despite getting off to a slow start, the reindeer had picked up the pace by the end of the 30 second race -- even if they didn't show the sort of speed which will see them get around the entire world in one night.

Unsurprisingly it was five-year-old Dasher who crossed the line first (winning a trophy full of carrots) with Donner coming second and Vixen in third.

A spokesperson for race sponsors William Hill told the Daily Mail: "December can be an inclement month weather-wise, with many race meetings lost to the elements.

"Reindeer racing could prove a life-line for race-starved punters in the future."

We just hope the reindeer haven't worn themselves out and put Santa’s Christmas deliveries in jeopardy.