18/12/2011 08:37 GMT | Updated 16/02/2012 10:12 GMT

UK Border Agency Report Leaked, Shows Foreign Criminals Re-Offending Before Deportation

A report on the UK Border Agency, due to be published on Monday, has been leaked to the Sunday Times newspaper a day early, and suggests that delays and failures in the deportation of foreign criminals led to some of them being arrested on suspicion of fresh crimes in the UK, including murder and rape.

The Sunday Times describes it as "May's failed pledge to deport foreign rapists"[£], claiming that many criminals have been arrested again, three for murder and 14 for sexual offences, including rape.

It is not clear whether those arrested were later charged with any offences, but the report is clear on the Home Office's failure to deport those convicted of serious crimes within a year.

On Sunday morning the Home Office insisted it was doing all it could to deport foreign criminals, but claimed the decisions by judges often made it hard to do this.

"We have to operate within the law, and where the courts rule that there is no prospect of removal - because of human rights law or a lack of cooperation from the criminal's home state - they may order that foreign national criminals should be released into the community at the end of their sentences," said the Home Office in a statement.

Although the report is damning, Labour are also concerned that it has been leaked a day early, and are calling for an investigation.

On Tuesday morning the Home Affairs committee is due to interview the head of the UK Border Agency, Rob Whiteman, for a second time. This is to clarify further details of Mr. Whiteman's evidence before them last month in connection with the resignation of Brodie Clark, the former head of the UK Border Force. He had relaxed checks on passports beyond the terms allowed by ministers, and was suspended from his job before resigning.

MPs on the Home Affairs committee can be expected to ask Whiteman how this important and confidential report could have been leaked.