21/12/2011 07:38 GMT | Updated 21/12/2011 08:19 GMT

59-Year-Old Wins 'Near Impossible' Ice Hockey Hole-In-One Competition, Wins A Truck (Video)

In case you were wondering, a 2011 Ford F150 truck costs $50,000 (around £31,500) - and the chances of scoring a 114ft hole-in-one ice hockey goal to win one are approximately one in a kersquillion.

So a massive tip of the cap to 59-year-old Brenda Hewlett from Massena, New York state, who managed to do just that last week during a break in play at an Akwesasne Warriors Pro Hockey game.

If she'd been playing ice hockey all her life, this would be impressive. But she's never played ice hockey before. Not once. In fact, she'd never even held a ice hockey stick until she was called onto the ice.

And in news that'll bring a little tear to you eye, it turns out she really, really, really needed a truck that day - and only went to the ice hockey game after being told to by the manager of the car dealership she visited earlier in the morning.

"She had been in to get some service work done to her old truck, and had said 'God, I wish I could afford a new truck - mine is falling apart,'" said Scott Coupal, of Frenchie's Ford Inc.

Just a few hours later and Brenda had scored a near-impossible hockey goal, won herself a truck and made a stadium crowd go utterly bananas. Not a bad day, all-in-all...