21/12/2011 14:50 GMT

'X Factor' Judge Tulisa To Release Autobiography

It was only a matter of time after Tulisa Contostavlos parked her behind in Cheryl Cole's X Factor chair that she started to cash in on her sudden rise to super-stardom.

First there was her perfume, The Female Boss - which she had her knuckles wrapped over after 'promoting it' with her tattoo - and now she's set to release an autobiography.

Yes, at the grand old age of 23, Tulisa is penning her life story according to The Mirror.

The N-Dubz singer is reported to be close to signing a deal - said to be worth £1.2million - to write her memoirs, and it has been promised the book will be explosive.

"Tulisa may only be 23 but she's had an amazingly eventful life," a source told the tabloid.

“She has an incredible story to tell - some of which has never been written about - and it's a unique opportunity to set the record straight.

The literary insider also issued a warning to Tulisa's enemies telling them to 'brace themselves'.

"Tulisa's famed for being open and up front, saying it as she sees it. There will be no skeletons left in her closet."

The book will also lift the lid on her relationship with bandmate Fazer for the first time, as well as her celeb friendships with the likes of Cheryl and Simon Cowell.

She'll also uncover more about her childhood - something which she has previously spoken about in the press.

The X Factor judge has told of how she became a member of a girl gang and regularly got into fights on her council estate in Camden.

"We would go around starting on people for no reason, having big fights with groups of girls from other areas. We were this aggressive gang of chicks out to cause mayhem," she told The Sun.

"In the years before that I'd been getting beaten up and would just cower and take the beatings. But now I was the bully."

However, her 'ghetto' past is something her father Plato Contostavlos has always denied.

"I don't know where this image of her being from the 'ghetto' comes from. It's not the Tulisa I know. She is a well brought-up girl who had a comfortable childhood," he told the Daily Mail.

So whatever is in Tulisa's autobiog, it's bound to be an interesting read.


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