23/12/2011 08:37 GMT | Updated 23/12/2011 08:40 GMT

One Direction Harry Styles Fans In Twitter Spat Over Death Of Cancer Victim, Harry Moseley, 11

Fans of One Direction’s Harry Styles today sparked a Twitter row after confusing a memorial message for an 11-year-old cancer sufferer with their idol.

Cancer fundraiser Harry Moseley, who died in October, was featured on the Jeremy Kyle show this morning, sparking the trend #RIPHarry.

But some One Direction fans got the wrong end of the stick and began panicking. Once the confusion had cleared, some began tweeting their relief with comments such as “Thank god RIP Harry isn’t Harry Styles.”

Another user added: “I FREAKED OUT when I saw RIP Harry in TT”” luckly its not @Harry_styles <3 the world loves him too much”

Fans of Harry Mosely however saw the messages as insensitive and the row began, the Birmingham Mail reported.

Supporters angrily tweeted: “People worried about the RIP Harry being for Harry Styles, for once in your brain dead lives stop thinking he is the only Harry on earth.”

Another fan said: “RIP Harry isn’t about Harry Styles? Then its okay.” No! There is nothing okay about an eleven year old dying of tumor… God Have a heart!”

Harry’s mother Georgina has waded into the storm, tweeting: “For all those glad Harry styles not dead – I’m glad too but be ashamed of yourselves that your happy it’s my little boy (my boy) that’s gone.”

Harry Mosely was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour at the age of seven. He helped raise more than £200,000 for Cancer Research by making and selling handmade bracelets, gathering public support from Duncan Bannatyne and Joe McElderry.