23/12/2011 08:29 GMT

'Strictly' Star Holly Valance Recreates 'One Million Years BC' Pose For EuroMillions Lottery Draw

Oh no Holly what are you doing? Have Cheryl and Ashley Cole taught you nothing?

Holly Valance has unleashed her wild side for a cringey National Lottery shoot.

The Strictly star channels Raquel Welch in a shot that recreates a scene from One Million Years BC - and we have to admit she looks blinking hot.

But with a billionaire fiance, you would think she'd be able to afford some clothes that weren't ripped wouldn't you?

"I had so much fun recreating the iconic scene from One Million Years BC to celebrate the fact that 25 Brits will be guaranteed to win £1 million pounds this Christmas," Holly said.

"I've been really lucky to have had such an amazing year and I'm crossing my fingers for everyone that enters the draw and hope they have a really lucky result with the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle tonight."

She's certainly had the PR talk before hand hasn't she?

Cheryl and Ashley previously lent themselves to the National Lottery back in 2006.

And five years later, we're still trying to get over the image of Ashley's shirt unbuttoned to the navel.