27/12/2011 13:59 GMT | Updated 26/02/2012 10:12 GMT

George Michael Enjoys Christmas With Friends After Health Scare

George Michael has revealed he enjoyed the best Christmas he's ever had after his brush with death earlier this month.

The former Wham! star spent five weeks battling pneumonia at a hospital in Vienna, Austria after he was struck down with the illness while on tour.

He was released last week and gave a brief, impromptu press conference outside his London home, revealing he was so ill at one point that it was "touch and go" whether he'd survive.

The star subsequently enjoyed a fun-filled Christmas at home with close friends and family, and later told how there was an air of relief over the holidays at what a "lucky man" he is to have come through the illness unscathed.

In a series of posts on Twitter, he wrote: "Best Christmas I can remember, surrounded by the people I love... And knowing that Xmas could have been very different this year for everyone at that table.... As it was we stuffed and laughed ourselves silly, I'm such a lucky man! I hope you all had a great one."

George was forced to cancel all the remaining gigs on his tour as he succumbed to the illness, but he's vowed to re-schedule every one and also plans to stage a special 'thank you' show for the medics who treated him in Austria.