28/12/2011 04:32 GMT | Updated 28/12/2011 04:40 GMT

94-Year-Old Grandmother Wows YouTube With Dubstep Dance Moves (Video)

We want to believe the wonderful lady dancing in the video above is 94, we really do. But her willingness to whip out the funky chicken whilst boogieing to some dubstep doesn't seem to fit with the 94-year-old mould.

But, as YouTuber "ChucklePley" is keen to inform us, that really is her age. "Swear on my life," he says. "Good genes I guess :)"

Good genes indeed, with the understandably unnamed OAP getting her groove on to a Excision and Downlink track called "The Underground", on camera and without a care in the world.

According to her grandson "ChucklePley", the lady in question recently bought herself an iPad and currently has a better score than him at Angry Birds. Not a lot of grandmothers can say that, that's for sure.

But she's not the first grandparent to cut a rug in front of a camera - as this video gallery of the web's favourites proves...