28/12/2011 05:10 GMT

Kevin The Tortoise Has Terrible Depth Perception, Can't Quite Eat A Slice Of Tomato (Video)

As Simon Cowell's TV fame factory The X-Factor proves, anyone can be a star... but a tortoise? Eating (or trying to eat) a slice of tomato? Really?

It looks like it, with videos of Kevin the tiny tortoise attempting to chow down on a variety of fruit and veg being sent here, there and everywhere by cute animal video fans this festive season.

Uploaded by his "mom" to the YouTube channel "KevinTortoise", it shows that our man Kevin has pretty terrible depth perception - but bloody loves his tomato.

If the clip has proved very nawwww-enducing, why not "like" Kevin on Facebook - no, really - and once you're done with that, check out his other big online hit below, where he actually takes a bite out of the blasted thing...