29/12/2011 11:33 GMT | Updated 30/12/2011 11:22 GMT

King's Cross Protest: Kurdish Demonstrators Arrested And Injured After Station 'Flashmob' Against Turkish Airstrikes

Police made five arrests and two people were injured at King's Cross Station in London after an "impromptu" protest against Turkish airstrikes that killed Kurdish civilians

Eyewitnesses to the protest at 4 pm on Thursday reported around 100 people waving Kurdish flags and chanting, before police moved in.

Leaflets distributed at the protest called on the UN and other nations to take action against Turkey's "atrocities" against Kurdish people.

The station was shut as the protest threatened to turn violent. Some of the protesters were reported to have "bloodied faces".

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An eyewitnesses told The Huffington Post UK that the police had appeared to use excessive force against the protesters.

"They started beating them really hard and with unnecessary force, in my view, with truncheons," the witness said. "Despite the fact they couldn't really get out of the way because the police had corralled them.

"Two girls ran past me with blood pouring down their faces from head wounds.

"As I tried to get out of the way, I got thumped in the back by a police officer with such force that I almost fell over, and he screamed in my ear 'get out of the way or you're going to get f**cking arrested'.

"It was just utter chaos."

The Metropolitan Police said that they were called to attend and confirmed they had made around five arrests on a variety of public order offences. They added that by 4.45 pm the area was mostly cleared.

The London Ambulance Service said that they sent two cycle crews and two ambulances to the disturbance, and that two people were treated at the scene with minor injuries. One has since been taken to hospital.

Twitter users said that police dogs were used, and reported burning flags and "chaos" as commuters and tourists were caught up in the protest.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story indicated the Turkish airstrikes killed only "Kurdish rebels" and not civilians, as has now been reported elsewhere.