29/12/2011 03:59 GMT

Robbie Williams Would Go Gay For Pay

Robbie Williams has revealed he would sleep with men if he was offered the right amount of cash.

In a candid web chat with chums, Robbie revealed he would happily sleep with men despite being married to American television actress Ayda Field and he would even give Brad Pitt a discount if he offered.

The conversation arose when Robbie asked his mates how much money it would take to get them to sleep with a member of the same sex.

The Daily Mirror quotes Robbie as saying: "I've got a controversial question. How much would it cost for you to sleep with a man? It's got to be your minimum if a man comes to you and says name your figure."

Robbie's friends came in with figures around the £5m mark but Robbie was much more willing, naming his price at £2m.

The Take That star's wife was shocked at the fact he was more than happy to 'undercut the competition' but the Rock DJ singer was quick to point out the benefits to his wife, saying: "You never know what could come of this, babe you could be having a new car in the New Year.

"You never know, let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm the cheapest."

However, Ayda might be out of luck with the new car as Robbie admitted he would offer up his services to Hollywood star Brad Pitt for free.

He said: "Brad can negotiate. It's £2m for Santa, but it's a freebie for Brad Pitt."

He added: "How much would I have to pay him?"