29/12/2011 10:30 GMT | Updated 29/12/2011 10:31 GMT

Wins Of The Year: 2011's Most Impressive YouTube Videos Cut Into Massive, Win-Filled Compilation

Mid-way through December, YouTuber user "TwisterNederland8" published a "Greatest fails of 2011" supercut. Just a few days later, "RandomWinVideos" unveiled his retaliation: "Win/Luck Compilation of 2011".

This being the internet, where Schadenfreude prevails above all else, the fail supercut instantly went viral, and now has millions of page views.

But slowly and surely, "RandomWinVideos" got more and more attention, and finally people are starting to pay attention to his startling collection of epic skills and stunning pieces of good luck.

Sure, every so often there's a video in there that perhaps shouldn't have made it in - someone attempting to trim his garden hedges with a chainsaw attached to a rope, for example - but by and large, it's a heart-warming, family-friendly, seven-minute smile-a-thon that'll make you want to click replay almost immediately.

So without any further ado, here's the video - and if it makes you feel just too good about yourself, you can always revisit the fail supercut any time you like...