03/01/2012 05:19 GMT | Updated 04/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Kirk Norcross: 'I'm The Outcast Of 'TOWIE''

Kirk Norcross has branded himself the outcast of TOWIE, admitting he does not regret his decision to leave the reality show at the end of series three last year.

In an interview with New! magazine this week, Kirk said that he didn't consult any of his The Only Way Is Essex castmates before making his decision.

He said: "I'm probably the outcast of TOWIE. I get on with every single one of them but everyone else has their own friends in the show and I don't. Joey was my friend, but not a friend from years ago. So I talked to my real mates about it."

However, Kirk does hope his fellow reality stars will miss him when he's gone. When asked who would be the most upset by his departure, he said: "Probably me. I reckon it would have been Joey. He didn't really have any storylines so I reckon he thinks the fun is gone now.

"I hope everyone was upset, though. I was upset when other people left."

If rumours are to be believed, Kirk is to follow in ex-girlfriend Amy Child's footsteps and hotfoot it into the Celebrity Big Brother house this Thursday night.

And he wouldn't exactly be a shy sort of housemate either, admitting he would have sex in the house.

His female fans can look forward to catching an eyeful too, as Kirk admits he would strip off.

He said: "I'd love to do it, It would be my chance to 'accidentally' get it out!"

"I'd take my clothes off. It's a shame the shower's frosted!"

We're sure a lot of girls would be happy to see that!