04/01/2012 10:41 GMT | Updated 05/01/2012 05:48 GMT

La Redoute In Naked Man Scandal After A Nude Bather Is Left In Children's Clothes Advert

French fashion chain La Redoute has been forced to cover up an embarrassing 'faux pas' after it forgot to airbrush a naked bather from a children's photo shoot.

Look more closely at this beach shot of happy children running on the sand and a man can be seen wading up the sea-shore, completely naked.

The amusing and alarming shot was left on the clothing website for several hours on Wednesday, much to French tweeters' glee.

"EPIC FAIL de la Redoute!" one tweeter wrote, while another wrote "SCANDALE!"

La Redoute has since apologised for the mistake and taken the picture down:

(In English): La Redoute # apologises for the photograph published on its site and is taking steps to remove it.

However as focus intensified on La Redoute's website, especially the page featuring la homme nu, or "the naked man" , another error was spotted.

Eagle-eyed viewers have discovered the T-shirt advertised also bears a spelling mistake. The French company has emblazoned "Enjoy Holydays" on the child's T-shirt, instead of "Enjoy Holidays.

La Redoute: after the naked man, a T-shirt with a spelling mistake.

The identity of the bather is not yet known, but the online community have been photoshopping the nude man and placing him in a number of other shots, while others are cutting and pasting famous people into the original image:

A picture of Sarkozy and Carla Bruni have been photoshopped into the La Redoute picture

A whole host of images have sprung up, under the tagline "la redoute en vacances", or roughly translated, "on holiday with La Redoute", featuring the naked bather in various famous shots from around the world.