04/01/2012 14:43 GMT | Updated 04/01/2012 15:23 GMT

Pingu's 'The Thing' Is Yet Another Claymation Masterpiece From Lee Hardcastle (Video)

Lee Hardcastle's YouTube channel boasts these words: "I MAKE CLAYMATIONS that are NOT for children."

An appropriate thing to say considering he's the man who recently took beloved children's character Pingu and made him the lead role in an unofficial, two-minute remake of John Carpenter's classic horror, The Thing.

Full of clay flamethrowers and plasticine gore, it's absurd, it's nuts, it's utterly brilliant.

Also available in a 60-second format and complete with an additional behind-the-scenes video, it's yet another beautiful piece of work from Lee Hardcastle - the man behind Shaun Of The Dead (in clay) and The Lion King in 60 seconds.

To celebrate his genius-ness, we've gathered the full-length version, the minute-long version and the behind-the-scenes video, as well as some of his greatest hits, all in this video gallery below - so if you're not in a squeamish frame of mind, get clicking now...