06/01/2012 10:28 GMT | Updated 06/01/2012 10:54 GMT

Bob Holness Dead: 'Blockbusters' Best Bits (Via YouTube)

Bob Holness has died aged 83, the veteran broadcaster who will be most fondly remembered for hosting teatime gameshow Blockbusters.

The puzzle game where sixth form contestants would ask Bob Holness for a letter before facing questions was hailed as "good clean fun" for parents and children alike.

However more often than not, naughty but amusing mistakes would occur under the pressure of the studio spotlights.

Contestants would traditionally ask "Can I have [insert letter] please Bob?"

But sniggers and shared glances would appear on TV screens when contestants asked for certain letters, namely "Can I have a P please Bob?" and for more rebellious teens "Can I have an E please Bob?"

Some of the more famous blunders include one Blockbusters contestant who when asked by Bob Holness: "What 'L' do you make in the dark when you are not sure of the consequences of your actions?" replied with the answer "love" instead of "leap".

Another boy, eager to beat the stop watch answered Bob Holness too hastily, as the veteran broadcaster asked "What 'O' is the generic word for any living animal or plant, including bacteria and viruses?" The contestant answered "orgasm" instead of "organism."

Both the quiz show Blockbusters and Bob Holness became pillars of prime time TV viewing. The catchphrase "Can I have a P please Bob" became famous as well as the bouncy 80's theme tune to the show. Take a look at some of the funnier moments of 'Blockbusters'