08/01/2012 06:38 GMT | Updated 09/03/2012 05:12 GMT

iPad Survives A Free-Fall From The Edge Of Space (Video)

In a bid to prove the quality of their product, makers of a protective iPad case have dropped an Apple tablet from the edge of space... and it survived.

G-Form attached the iPad and case -- along with locator devices and cameras -- to a weather balloon which was launched carrying the tech to a height of 100,000ft.

In the resulting video, ( the iPad can be seen hanging above the Earth before the balloon bursts, due to the altitude pressure, and the gadget begins a speedy descent.

Footage then shows the iPad crashing back to Earth and landing on a rocky hillside in the Nevada countryside before cutting to the team using tracking devices to locate it.

When they do, the iPad can be seen unscathed and fully functioning, as you would expect given they post the video on YouTube.

However, some critics have suggested the video might be fake and pointed to the edited fall, while MSNBC observed ( that the tracking device weights the iPad to ensure it falls cushion down.

And as Dvice points out, it's not only the Extreme Edge case-wearing iPad which survives -- so does the GoPro camera they used to film the stunt.

Before you get any ideas, it's worth noting that on their website, G-Form says: "We're happy that some of our customers' electronics have survived their testing of our Extreme products, but we don't encourage or recommend intentionally dangerous stunts."