08/01/2012 11:46 GMT | Updated 09/03/2012 10:12 GMT

The Mysterious Case Of The Self-Parking 'Stolen' Car

When police in Australia were called in to investigate a case of a vehicle disappearing from an Adelaide car park, it initially looked like a typical theft.

But 17 days later they've cracked the odd case which actually involved a bungling driver, a lot of luck and an apparently self-parking car. (

That's because police say the car had not been stolen, but rather gone on a bizarre journey after being left in the wrong gear and parked on an incline.

Officers believe the vehicle rolled through the car park before crossing a road and hitting a nearby garage, forcing itself under the door and parking itself perfectly inside.

The Herbie-esque antics only came to light 17 days after the crime was first reported, when homeowners returned from holiday and discovered their garage door had been broken.

On closer inspection they discovered the stray car and called police who were able to link the two reports.

Police told Adelaide Now (who have photos of the garage): "The car rolled through the car-park, across the road, down the driveway and forced itself under the roller door, parking perfectly inside the garage where it remained safely undercover for 17 days."