09/01/2012 12:13 GMT | Updated 09/01/2012 13:53 GMT

Celebrity Big Brother: Frustrated Frankie Cocozza Rejected By Playboy Twins

X Factor reject Frankie Cocozza's reputation as a bit of a player has taken a hit after he was shot down by Playboy Playmate twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon last night.

In a conversation with the blonde beauties in the living room of the Celebrity Big Brother house, Frankie was putting his questionable flirting skills to the test but failed miserably in his quest to bed the American sisters.

Confiding in Big Brother, Karissa said: "Frankie talked about w**king. And boys shouldn't have their hands down their pants in front of girls - especially women like us."

Women like us? Modest!

Later in the evening the identical twins put a stop to Frankie's relentless flirting and crude jokes.

Kristina spat: "Listen here Justin Bieber. It's disrespectful and crude.

"All this sex stuff is getting too much."

This was not what 18-year-old Frankie wanted to hear at all as he stormed to the diary room for a chat with the big man.

He shouted: "Get those f**king twins out of here. Not getting my end away in a week is killing me a bit.

What a lovely turn of phrase.

"I'm frustrated. I don't stand a chance with them," he moaned.

Poor Frankie! How will he ever survive?