Texan Skyscraper Implodes Dramatically During Demolition (Video)

Seeing a much-loved building turn to dust can make the eyes well up a touch, but at least the resulting video footage tends to be, well, pretty damn awesome.

Just take a look at this 59-year-old Med Center building in Houston, Texas, collapse into nothing for proof.

The 20-storey building took less that 20 seconds self-destruct, with 1,250 carefully-prepared copper-clad explosives lined in just the right way so the MD Anderson's Mays Cancer Clinic next door didn't get damaged.

The reason for the Texas Medical Center's demise was down to upkeep costs, with foundations proving unstable and asbestos plagued certain areas.

Now that it is no more, the acreage in downtown Houston will now be used as a temporary car park before the land is built upon once again.

And if this clip above has got you in the mood to see other buildings go kabloom, check out this video gallery we've put together for you below...