10/01/2012 12:44 GMT

Artist Molly Right Creates Portraits Made Of Bottle Tops

Self-taught artist Molly Right has created a gallery of famous faces made exclusively of bottle tops.

American First Lady Michelle Obama, Sammy Davis Junior, Vincent Van Gogh, George Washington and author Mark Twain have all been immortalised in the metal caps, with portraits selling for up to £12,000 each.

Right, who began painting in 1993, attaches the caps to the paintings in a “snake scale” pattern, finishing with a transparent wash of glaze.

The Charleston-based artist explains on her website: “The leap from narrative paintings to the bottle cap portraits was made in 2002, as I pondered what to do with a large, rust stained, piece of sheet metal.

“The patterns of rust on the metal brought to mind the Shroud of Turin. I decided to use paint to enhance the vague suggestion of a face, and painted a man’s face on the metal.

“A circle of bottle caps was used to form a halo, completing the painting, Bottle Cap Jesus.

"I loved working in a larger scale than I had ever attempted before, and decided to make a companion piece, Mary. The bottle caps migrated from the halo to cover the entire piece. It was with that piece, that I realized that this was going to be my new path.”