11/01/2012 06:38 GMT | Updated 12/01/2012 05:30 GMT

Eric Cantona? Bof! 10 Other French People Who Should Run For Presidency

The acting/sporting/philosophising world is in shock this week, following the news that Eric Cantona wants to run for the French presidency.

And the subsequent news that it was all a stunt.

Still, we think that's all the more reason for other famous French citizens to take up Cantona's baton, and throw their chapeau in the... erm... whatever French for 'ring' is.

To this end, we've come up with our dream list of candidates for French president. Or as they say over there: Président. Like the butter.

Take a look below at our list of the first French people we could think of potential candidates. And don't forget to register your own vote using the étoile-system on the right.

French Presidential Candidates