National Kite-Flying Contest In Japan


There's always been something strangely beguiling about the sight of a kite ducking and diving with the will of the wind.

But while in the UK, most of our kite flying is done in childhood or among small circles of fanatics, in Japan it is a typical way to celebrate New Year.

On 8 January at Himeji Park Horserace Course in Japan, the 38th National Kite-Flying Contest was held as local people and kite fans flocked to watch around 800 entries of 80 different variations take to the skies.

The design work on some of the kites were nothing short of spectacular, as geisha girls competed with tidal waves and kites shaped like castles jostled with 150 metre 'long kites' in the New Year sky.

Check out the slideshow below to see some of the best entries:

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