Pictures Of The Day: France's Oldest Person And A Presidential Pooch


Marie-Therese Bardet needs a big cake for her 113th birthday as she celebrates being the oldest citizen in France, earning lots of presents and media attention.

Even pets can be political - a supporter of Democratic Progressive Party's Presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen waves her dog jubilantly in the air during a presidential campaign rally in Taichung, Taiwan.

A poignant photo of graffiti stating 'Free Scotland' is seen on a derelict cottage in Bannockburn as the Scottish First Minister indicates that the Scottish National Party plans to hold its referendum on Scottish independence in 2014.

Romanian firefighters spray water over a smouldering partly collapsed tower of an 18th century built church in Bucharest and an angry youth protests in front of a burning barrier following the removal of a fuel subsidy by the government in Lagos, Nigeria - all in the pictures of the day below:

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